Parents will use thousands of diapers while their children are infants and young toddlers, and not all diapers are created equal. Let London Drugs help you find the best baby diapers for your family and your child’s stage in life.

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Choosing Between Types of Baby Diapers

Diapers come in many types to allow parents the widest possible choice for different circumstances.

  • Disposable diapers: The mainstay of the diaper market, disposable diapers are easy to put on and remove from infants before being thrown away as a one-time-use item. Disposable diapers are often the most economical choice for families.
  • Cloth diapers: A more environmentally friendly option for some families, cloth diapers range from the flat fabric style in use throughout many generations to more modern fitted varieties. Parents can clean cloth diapers in washing machines or sign up with cloth diaper cleaning services. Although more expensive than disposable diapers, the same cloth diapers can be used over and over again, ultimately saving money.
  • Swim diapers: These thicker disposable diapers are designed to keep messes inside while preventing contamination of the water children play in.
  • Overnight diapers: Another thicker option, overnight diapers can hold a higher capacity of waste, enabling babies to sleep through the night without risk of overflowing.

Important Diaper Features to Consider

Many features come into consideration when choosing between diapers.

  • Absorbency: Diapers are designed to easily absorb liquid waste. While higher absorbency diapers may hold more, they may also cause skin irritation if left on too long between changes.
  • Comfort/Contour Fit: Parents may decide between different diaper contours for the comfort of their children. Older babies may benefit from contoured diapers that don’t restrict their ability to crawl, walk and climb.
  • Fastening: Most disposable diapers come with fasteners based either on stickers or Velcro-like closures, while diapers for older children are typically pull-ups with side fasteners.
  • Wetness Indicator: Babies must be changed often for comfort and to prevent sores and irritation. Wetness indicators can let parents know when a diaper is ready to change.
  • Sensitive Skin: Newborn infants, as well as babies with skin sensitivities, can benefit from sensitive newborn diapers and those in larger sizes that are hypoallergenic and have other properties that are gentle on skin.

Ultimately, diapers are not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Parents may need to experiment with various diaper types and features before selecting the best option. Shop London Drugs in-store or online to explore diapers and find the best fit for your family.