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What Makes London Drugs Passport Photo Services Unique?

Getting passport photos that meet government requirements no longer needs to be complex, not when you use the services at any London Drugs photo counter. LD Photo Experts make the process quick and easy, using advanced biometric software that automatically checks pictures against passport office guidelines to streamline the acceptance process.

The reliable imaging technology ensures your passport photo always passes the appropriate requirements, and the London Drugs photo specialist will give you a quality checklist to illustrate exactly that. You can also request a Biometric Passport/ID Check Print certificate to show the photo meets government criteria.

In addition to providing photos that meet the expectations of Passport Canada, London Drugs experts are also happy to take passport, visa and other identification photos for more than 100 governments, with the criteria readily available in the system.

Quick, reliable service makes London Drugs your best choice for passport and other government photos. You needn’t book an appointment with the photo counter; just drop by your nearest London Drugs during regular operating hours.

If you have questions about the process or want to make sure the specific guidelines you need are available, give the LD Photo Experts a call.

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Our $50 Guarantee

London Drugs confidently backs the biometric passport photo technology, as shown by the complete refund policy and offer to both retake the photo and give you a $50 store gift card if the passport office declines your photo.**

Canadian Passport Photo Tips

Follow these tips to help your Canadian passport application go smoothly by relying on London Drugs for photos that fit the most up-to-date requirements:

Children’s Passport Photos

Children’s photos follow the same rules as adults, including showing only the face and shoulders, with an allowance for photos taken of newborn babies while in car seats, provided you place a white blanket behind the head, and shadows are absent.

Passport Photos FAQs

How long is a passport photo good for?
For first-time adult applicants and renewals, Canadian passport pictures are valid for 5 or 10 years, depending on which option you choose. Children (ages 15 and younger) have only a five-year option.

Why can’t I smile in my passport photo?
Regulatory guidelines recommend a neutral facial expression in passport photos, which means no smile, frown or teeth showing. This requirement ensures that facial recognition software works properly to verify your identity and prevent fraud.

Can passport photos be printed at home?
No, Passport Canada does not accept photos printed at home. They must be professionally taken and printed on plain, top-quality photo paper and with a specific notation on the back, all of which London Drugs experts will do for you.

Can passport photos be black and white?
Yes, you can either get your picture in black and white or colour. Simply let the photo counter know which one you prefer.

Can passport photos be taken with glasses?
Yes, glasses are acceptable as long as your eyes are open and fully visible and without any glare from the lenses. Tinted glasses and sunglasses are not allowed.


**London Drugs will make every effort to ensure your passport photo meets government standards. However London Drugs cannot guarantee acceptance of passport photos by the Passport Office and expressly disclaims liability for any loss, damages, inconvenience or disrupted travel plans if not accepted for any reason. We recommend you submit your passport application well in advance of any proposed travel plans.