FAQ for Quick Refill

Do I need a Card Number & password to use “Quick Refill”?
No, that is why we named it quick refill. All you need is your phone number, prescription number & store location.

How do I add my pharmacy to my list of quick refills locations?
Once you enter your prescription number, you will be asked to “Choose Pharmacy”. Once you choose your pharmacy, that pharmacy will be stored in the App as a saved location so you don’t have to “choose” that location in the future.

Why can’t I fill my prescription at pharmacy B instead of pharmacy A?
Your prescription has unique prescription number linked to pharmacy A. However, you can place instructions in the “special notes” area if you would like the pharmacy staff to transfer it to another location.

I know I have refills left on my prescription. Why can’t I fill it?
Please call the pharmacy for clarification.

Instead of typing in my prescription number, can I use my camera to scan the barcode?
This is a feature we plan to add in a future release, please stay tuned.

Why does it say I am too early for a refill?
This could be due to any number factors:

I tried to refill my prescription, but it told me that it is inactive/expired. Why?

  1. In certain provinces, the refill will expire at different times (i.e. 1 year)
  2. The prescription may have been inactivated by the pharmacy staff for various reasons
    - A new prescription on file with different directions or different strength.
    - A doctor may have changed the prescription to a new medication.

What if I want to change the quantity filled for this refill?
Please call the pharmacy.