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Post-it Notes - Strong enough to stick with you, wherever you are.

Created by Drs. Spencer Silver and Art Fry, Post-it Notes hit the market in 1987 and became an instant success. While the two initially planned to use the adhesive for stick-on bookmarks, they quickly realized it had the potential for much wider use. They applied the adhesive to canary yellow scrap paper to create the very first sticky notes we know as Post-its.

Since their creation, Post-it brand products have become an office staple that helps improve communication and productivity.

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Post-it Products

Post-it Products to Meet a Variety of Needs

For more than 35 years, 3M has continued to create convenient adhesive products under the Post-it brand name. With a variety of paper products such as full-stick notes, page markers and tabs, Post-it products help increase work productivity and offer an array of uses in the office, classroom and at home, including:

  • Assembling workflow charts and Gantt charts
  • Recording telephone messages
  • Flagging pages and providing feedback to employees and students
  • Bookmarking important study notes
  • Creating art projects
  • Making dream boards

3M Is Committed to Sustainable Products

3M has worked hard to make Post-it a sustainable brand. All products are now made with 67 percent plant-based adhesive and 100 percent recycled paper. The company has also teamed up with Evernote to let users snap and save their Post-it Notes and create auto-tags, reminders and notebooks.

Organize Your Life with Post-it

London Drugs carries a wide variety of Post-it products to keep you organized at work, school and home. Browse London Drugs’ selection of 3M Post-it Notes, Tabs, Page Markers and Flags and organize your life today.