2 Year Purchase Protection Plan - Small Appliance - Replacement Option
2 Year Purchase Protection Plan - Small Appliance - Replacement Option


2 Year Purchase Protection Plan - Small Appliance - Replacement Option

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2 Year Purchase Protection Plan - Small Appliance - Replacement Option
For Small Appliances, with a purchase price between $100 and $149.99 exclusive of taxes.

ONLINE SALES LIMITED TO BC ONLY, SHIP TO HOME ONLY. If you are picking up your item in-store, please inquire about Purchase Protection Plan options at that time.

Replacement Option:

1. What is Covered:

We will replace the product if the product is found to be defective during normal usage. This is a one-time replacement only. In the event the specific product make or model is no longer available, we may at our option provide you with a substitute product of equivalent or greater functionality, quality and value. We also reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to pay you the value of the product at the time of purchase, rather than replace, in the form of a London Drugs store credit. In any event, our limit of liability under a Replacement Option contract is the value of the product at the time of purchase. Once the product has been replaced or value of the product refunded, your Plan and this contract is terminated.

2. What to do when Products Fail to Operate:

Call us at the toll-free number 1-866-316-7676 and we will issue a claim number. You must carefully package the product in its original packaging or something similar and return the product at your own expense to the nearest London Drugs store for an inspection and, if approved, an over the counter exchange. Products found to be non-defective will be returned.

Additional Terms (Replacement Option)

1. Availability:
The plan is available on all products that carry a minimum 90 day manufacturers warranty, but not exceeding 3 years. The said product must run on electrical power consisting of either AC, or DC sources.

2. Term:
The coverage under your Plan begins upon expiration of the manufacturer's labour warranty, lasting for a duration of 2 additional years, not exceeding 5 total years.

3. Transfer & Renewal:

The Plan and this contract are not transferable or renewable.

4. Cancellation:
You may cancel this contract at any time. Call us at the toll-free number 1-866-316-7676 for instructions on how to cancel this contract. The refund amount of the contract price will be based on prorating the unexpired contract term minus the cost of all claims made under this contract.

5. Personal Information:

By entering into this contract, you consent to our collection of all personal information you share with us related to the Plan and this contract. You agree that we may use that information to facilitate the delivery of warranty services and to administer our warranty program. You agree that we may share that information with authorized service centers and third party product repair service providers to facilitate the repair of the product. In addition, you agree that we may disclose or transfer your personal information to a third party in connection with the proposed or actual sale, merger or other disposition of our product warranty business, provided that party agrees to protect the confidentiality of any such information in accordance with all applicable laws.

6. Entire Contract:

The document found at https://www.londondrugs.com/on/demandware.static/-/Library-Sites-LondonDrugs-content-Library/default/dwfd26c3d1/pdf/LD%20PPP%20Brochure.pdf sets out the entire contract between the parties and no representation, promise or condition not contained herein shall modify those terms.

7. Purchaser Records:
All original receipts are required for any product replacements, exchanges or credits.

What is NOT Covered:

  • Damage, warping or rusting of any kind to the housing, case or frame of the product or to any non-operating part, including any or all plastic, wood or decorative parts.
  • Repair or replacement of parts normally designed to be replaced periodically by the Purchaser during the life of the product or that fail due to lack of regularly scheduled maintenance.
  • Loss or damage resulting fr om external causes such as, but not limited to: damage resulting from a collision with any object (unless specific coverage is purchased & said damage does not exceed the manufacturers specification; applicable only to digital cameras), or from fire, flooding, sand, dirt, windstorm, hail, earthquake, an Act of God, or damage from exposure to weather conditions (unless specific coverage is purchased & said damage does not exceed the manufacturers specification; applicable only to digital cameras) or battery leakage, theft, misuse, abuse, damage resulting from failure of, or improper use of any electrical source, power surges or connection to other products not recommended for interconnection by the manufacturer of the product; loss or damage resulting from the failure to provide manufacturer's recommended maintenance; consequential damages or spoilage of film or recording media as a result of the malfunctioning or damage of an operating part, or as a result of any repairs or replacement under this contract; items which remain subject to the manufacturer's warranty; consequential damages or delay in rendering service under this contract or loss of use during the period that the product is at the repair center or otherwise awaiting parts; add-on items, accessories, attachments, external wiring and cabling, battery chargers, structural items such as chassis, racks, bins, knobs or handles, hinges, appearance items, antennas, jacks, consumables such as, but not limited to, batteries, drums, toners, cartridges, recording or photographic media, audio cartridges and needles; damages to computer software and hardware due to, but not limited to, computer viruses and defective software; loss or corruption of computer files, data and images as a result of product failure or which occur while product is at repair center.
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