World Photo Day, uniting local and global communities in a worldwide celebration of photography.

For everyone who loves photography, August 19th is a day to rejoice. If you've never heard of World Photo Day (WPD), here is a brief excerpt from the official site

World Photo Day is an international photography event on August 19th that celebrates the passion for photography in our communities. In a world where millions of pictures are uploaded every minute, World Photo Day is inspiring thousands of photographers across the planet to share a single photo with a simple purpose: to share their world with the world.

From everyday life to incredible landscapes, our global gallery is an evolving mosaic of images captured by photographers of all skills levels living in a diverse range of countries and cultures.

No matter who you are, where you are or what equipment and skills you have, World Photo Day can help open your eyes to the possibilities of photography, and enable you to show us the world as you see it.

History of World Photo Day

Read more about the origins and founding of World Photo Day.

It's about time, right? Why not have an official day to celebrate photography? After all, like music and cuisine (and that three-letter word that starts with 's') photography is one of those things that transcends borders and cultures and unites us as humans. Well, except perhaps for those African pygmy tribes who believe that cameras steal souls, but I think that may be a myth.

How to Celebrate

Naturally, the Photolab also has some celebrations of its own in honor of this very special day. All locations will be offering a free photo walk to help photographers of all skill and experience levels improve their craft. In addition, to help give your best photos life beyond an online gallery, the Photolab is also having some hot offers on August 19 only, just to make your WPD even more special. See your local Photolab for more details.

Another great way to participate is to grab your camera and shoot, shoot, shoot—and upload your best shots to the WPD gallery online. The online gallery is an absolute must-see for any true photography lover, as the images people have posted are as brilliant and amazing as you'll see anywhere. Be sure to check out all the galleries from previous years as well.

Whether you're a pro or just a casual photographer, WPD is a great opportunity to show your appreciation and celebrate one of the world's most pervasive, accessible and democratic art forms.


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