Whoniverse by Lance Parkin

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Whoniverse by Lance Parkin

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Doctor Who lovers, discover all there is to know about the travels of your favourite Time Lord, in all thirteen of his glorious incarnations. Fans will have their burning questions answered, including: What exactly is Trenzalore? Where did the Sontraans originate? Where was the Thousand-Day War fought? Where did the Doctor first meet the Quarks? Whoniverse answers all these questions and plenty more.
Die-hard fans will enjoy going planet-spotting in all the weird and wonderful galaxies that the good Doctor travels to and through. In the pages of this planet-by-planet guide, readers will find:

Facts, stats, trivia, data, illustrations, and photographs about the Whoniverse, from the Acteon Galaxy to The Wrarth Galaxy and beyond
Information organized according to the galaxies and star systems in the Dr. Who stories, so they won't miss a thing
Encyclopedia-style entries with compelling information on the planet, its native species, history, and the role it plays in the Doctor's journeys
Tailor-made timelines that chart the Doctor's interactions with each planet--not just on TV, but also in short stories, comics, and radio stories.
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