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Silvert’s Adaptive Clothing

Since 1930, Silvert's has been helping people of all ages with mobility concerns complete daily living tasks with greater ease. London Drugs is your source for Silvert's adaptive clothing in Canada and makes it easy for you to buy everything from diabetic shoes to wheelchair clothing with the convenience of online shopping and shipping right to your door.


Greater Independence Through Adaptive Clothing

For those with limited mobility, simply getting dressed every day can be a challenge. Buttons, zips, snaps and other fasteners can pose challenges, and the inability to fully move one's arms, legs, neck or torso can interfere with dressing. Adaptive clothing from Silvert's has special features such as ergonomic and oversized fasteners and enlarged armholes that make it easier for individuals with limited fine motor strength or flexibility to dress, either by themselves or with assistance. With Silvert's adaptive clothing, it's possible to be more independent and comfortable at home.


Use Mobility Aids with Greater Ease

Mobility aids can help those with limited mobility get from Point A to Point B but all too often, clothing gets in the way of using these assistive devices. Silvert's offers a wide range of adaptive clothing designs made specifically for people who use mobility aids. Whether you or a loved one relies on a wheelchair, a walker, or a cane, you can find items in the Silvert's home health care clothing range that are perfect for your needs.


Assistive Advantages for Chronic Conditions

If you or a loved one suffers from a chronic condition, Silvert's adaptive clothing can be used to promote better health and well-being. The brand is especially well known for their diabetic product line-up, which includes diabetic socks, diabetic shoes, and diabetic slippers. Diabetic-friendly footwear promotes proper circulation to the feet and is frequently helpful for people at risk of complications due to diabetes. You can explore our entire collection of diabetic socks and other adaptive clothing designs from Silvert's above or use the menu on the left to refine your search.