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  • Dragon's Blend Skinny B Cereal - 225g Quick View
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  • Holy Crap Organic Cereal - Canadian Blend - 320g Quick View
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Holiday Fragrance Gift Guide

Fragrances are a great gift option for someone special this holiday season, but picking the right one can be a bit tricky, with so many scents to choose from. Beauty Advisor Julie picks out the top 4 fragrances to gift, and gives us tips on which fragrance is best for the person on your list, based on their personality and the notes of the fragrance.

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Holiday Fragrance

Picking the right fragrance for someone might seem overwhelming, but our Beauty Advisor Hollis M. will show you 5 fragrances that make excellent gifts. Whether they have a bubbly personality, elegant or sporty style, or are just plain hard to buy for, Hollis has found a fragrance to fit whoever is on your shopping list!

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