Parrot Bebop Drone 2 with Skycontroller - Red/Black - PF726100

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Parrot Bebop Drone 2 with Skycontroller - Red/Black - PF726100
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Fly ever further
Optimized for a perfect connection and reduced waiting times, Skycontroller is safer and suitable for long distance flights. You have a reliable wireless link designed specifically for the Bebop 2, allowing connections to short or long distance, strengthening interoperability with tablets or smartphones. Theoretical maximum reach: 2 km *

Pilot immersive

Take control of Bebop 2 using two extremely precise joysticks that control the UAV very intuitively and angle of the camera, and navigate through the interface of the Application 3. Take Freeflight pictures and record video at the touch of dedicated buttons. All features of Bebop 2 are achievable with the tip of your fingers.

Get your real-time flight information
During the flight, you receive multiples data in real time, accompanied by sound alerts, useful for more precise steering. Discover the "Where is my Bebop" that identifies how far and how high is the drone against the driver.

Browse through the air safely
With its integrated GPS, the Bebop 2 returns automatically to the driver or by pressing a specific button and easily accessible.

Customize your driving experience
The 10 keys Skycontroller and 4 sticks are fully customizable to suit the requirements of the driver. The Parrot software is "open source", to allow developers to extend the functionality of Skycontroller. The Skycontroller is also compatible with the FPV for a more innovative and immersive flying experience. The application FreeFlight Skycontroller 3 and are compatible with the FPV goggles with HDMI input (not included).

Discover our accessories for maximum comfort in all conditions
The pack Bebop Skycontroller 2 and includes a foldable visor and a neck strap. The sunshade enhances the feeling of immersion because it eliminates reflections of the sun on your piloting device and allows you easy access to your tablet. The neck strap ensures a good balance of Skycontroller on your shoulders and requires less effort, so you can focus more on driving. To prolong the experience, 2 batteries, 1 charger dedicated, and a plastic adapter to accommodate other tablets come with your drone.

What's in the box:
• 1 Bebop Drone 2
• 1 Skycontroller Black Edition
• 2 Batteries 2700mAh
• 1 charger + cable + adapters US/JP, UK, EU, ANZ
• 1 USB cable
• 8 screws
• 1 assembly tool propellers
• 1 neck strap
• 1 sunshade protection (with adapter for iPad mini)
• 1 tablet dock adapter 7''
• 1 Quick Start Guide

2700mAh Battery with 25 minutes of battery life
Brand Description
Image Formats
14 MP
Movie Mode
Full HD 1080p video
Maximum horizontal speed: 16m/s
Maximum climbing speed: 6m/s
One Year Limited Warranty
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