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Nature Bright Per3 Deluxe Light Therapy Lamp

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Multifunctional, Ideal for Your Busy Life! Super bright LED light (10,000 LUX) has been proven to relieve symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), sleep disorders, jet lag and other conditions.

With regular use of PER3, you can enjoy more healthy sleeping patterns, banish "winter blues," and even indulge in a bit of bedtime reading with glare-free, bright and clear LED illumination.

The PER3 Deluxe Light Therapy Lamp is more than a light. It is a 3-in-1 Light Therapy Device:

1) As a timed light therapy device, the PER3 emits the wavelength and intensity of light (10,000 LUX) that has been proven to improve health and well being. The PER3 works to subtly reset your internal cycles, adjusting your body clock with its Light Therapy program.

2) the PER3 serves as a glare-free Bedside Reading Lamp. Its clear bright light is highly beneficial for reading.

3) The PER3 features a Natural Light Alarm Clock with programmable dawn & dusk simulator, which use a proven technology to ease you into waking and sleep states. This subtle light therapy helps keep your spirits high and set you on a standard time zone or shift.

Its Naturalistic Dawn and dusk simulation mimics both the gradually increasing light of sunrise as well as the progressively fading light of sunset. Your body reacts to these gentle changes by recalibrating its internal clock or circadian rhythms. This results in more balanced and restful sleep cycles, even in instances of night shift work or long distance travel.

It's been clinically proven that exposure to light in the early morning hours is most effective in treating SAD. Naturalistic dawn stimulation therapy has antidepressant properties. When you wake with a gentle dawn simulation alarm clock, you can treat your symptoms of SAD without even needing to supplement with short sessions of bright light therapy.

Useful for insomnia, fitful sleep, and difficulties waking in the morning, the Naturalistic Dawn Simulation Therapy has no negative side effects. This attractive lamp enables you to support the body's natural processes and combat the stress associated with our modern hectic 24/7 schedules.

PER3's swivel arm and pivot head features allow you to easily adjust the direction of the LED light so you can receive your light treatment as soon as you wake up, bathing the face evenly in therapeutic light.

Several Health Care Plans include coverage for SAD lights that are 10,000LUX.  Please check with your provider for further details.

Several Health Care Plans include coverage for SAD lights that are 10,000LUX.  Please check with your provider for further details.


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