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MyMO 1002 Basic Travel Router - Black - MYMO-1002-BB

Our Price

$139.99 While Quantities Last


3G/4G Functions

  • Create an instant 802.11n wireless broadband sharing environment with your smartphone! You can answer calls, send SMS and charge your phone at the same time!
  • MyMO-1002 supports the latest range of 3G/4G USB modems along with a variety of service providers worldwide. Simply use your existing 3G/4G modem to create a mobile hotspot!
  • With our unique 3G/4G Plug-n-Play function, your 3G/4G modem will be automatically detected and configured. Simply plug it in and get connected in seconds!
  • With support to the latest HSPA+ technology, you will be able to enjoy high-speed mobile broadband up to 42Mbps! There is no need to change your 3G/4G router in the future!
  • Use 3G/4G wireless broadband as a backup to your fixed line broadband. Once the fixed line drops out, the connection will automatically be switched to 3G/4G to ensure seamless connectivity.
  • The rechargeable lithium ion battery enables network sharing even in the event of a power outage. The battery can work up to approximately 4 hours.

Network Management
MyMO-1002 supports up to 10000 recycling sessions, which guarantees a stable network even under heavy network traffic!

Guest User Controls
MyMO-1002 supports dual SSID parameters. This allows the admin to keep his log in password SECURE and PRIVATE. The admin can give the guest a password that is easily changeable in the GUI. Admin can restrict guest from Streaming, Chatting or Social Networking.

Wireless Connectivity
802.11N ability increases your wireless throughput to 150Mbps and wireless coverage to 3 times compared to 802.11G.

Universal Repeater
Enlarge your wireless coverage by connecting multiple MyMO-1002 with 1 "SSID". Save the hassle from traditional WDS settings!

Network Security
OpenDNS service accelerates the DNS queries, blocks website phishing, filters out inappropriate websites and safeguards your network!

Green Power
Embedded with a low power consumption SOC chip, MyMO-1002 helps you save energy and the environment.

  • MyMO-1002 is an advanced full featured 3G/4G/LTE battery powered, pocket sized B/G/N wireless travel router, that can tether data from most Smart-Phones and USB modems.
  • MyMO-1002 takes advantage of the Over-The-Air data provided by cellular service providers, fed via a USB modem or tethered from a Smart-Phone (Tethering plan is required).
  • MyMO-1002 allows the user to rapidly get online anytime, anywhere a cellular signal exists. Create your own CLOUD to share your Media Files, Photos, Work Documents and more anywhere in the world!
  • MyMO-1002 is not only a battery powered mobile hot-spot, it is your Network in your Pocket. High security, quick and easy access to your corporate or personal VPN. Over 300 feet range, and can connect up to 150 devices!
  • Able to tether data with iOS, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile and most USB modems. 3G, 4G, LTE ready. We are always updating our firmware compatibility to ensure the latest devices are compatible. (iOS 4.3, BB OS 7, Android OS 2.3, Windows Mobile 6.x)
  • Small in size, Strong in performance. Perfect for Students and Salespeople always on the Go! No more looking for the local free internet hotspot, just simply plug your smartphone via USB to the MyMO-1002, and connect your laptop, tablet, or any other devices to MyMO-1002 via WiFi. Let MyMO-1002 take care of the rest...
  • MyMO-1002 will tether the data from your smartphone (while charging the smartphone's battery) and will distribute it an area of approximately 300 feet (100meters).
  • MyMO-1002 allows the administrator to manage 2 SSID's creating a secure primary connection for the admin, and a secondary connection for guests (admin can restrict guest access to websites, chat sessions, streaming etc.). MyMO-1002 gives the user the ability of mobility while remaining connected to the Internet (anywhere a cellular signal exists). Most people already enjoy mobile internet access from their Web-enabled cell phones. The MyMO-1002 portable travel router takes this convenient access and creates a Local Area Network (LAN) for all of your mobile or portable wireless devices. It can be used as a primary Wide Area Network (WAN) link, or in situations where traditional access is unavailable or is not cost-effective to implement. It can also provide a backup network, should the primary line-based network fail.


  • 1 - MyMO-1002 High Speed Wireless 3G/4G battery powered travel router
  • 1 - Home Charger
  • 1 - Car Charger
  • 1 - Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
  • 1 - Carry Case
  • 1 - Quick Start Guide
  • 1 - User Manual CD (English/French/Spanish) - (Click to download manual)
  • Live Toll-Free customer support in English, Spanish and French 1-855-576-MyMO(6966)


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  • Data Transfer Rate

    up to 42Mbps

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