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Monster Power Black Platinum 800 - 8 outlet - MPBPL800EF

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An 8-outlet FireProof power strip with all you need for a reliable streaming and gaming, that cleans up dirty power for enhanced AV performance.

Monster FireProof Protects Home + Family
Surge protectors are known for catching fire. Some have even been recalled. Monster surge protectors, however, are totally FireProof. In the event of a surge, excess energy is absorbed by a component called an MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor). The surplus energy dissipates as heat. With ordinary surge suppressors, that heat causes sparks and even fires. With Monster FireProof MOV surge protection, the MOV is encased in ceramic to contain the excess heat, acting as your first line of defense against electrical fires.

Experience More Reliable Streaming & Gaming
With an included Powerline Communication adapter, existing AC power lines can be  used to provide a strong and reliable Internet connection, allowing you to enjoy better streaming and gaming.

Plenty of Connectivity Options
With eight AC outlets for AV equipment or computers, plus two 3.4A USB ports for ultra-fast charging of mobile devices, the Black Platinum 800 has connection options for all your devices and component. It even lets you connect your cable and satellite boxes for complete surge protection throughout your entire system.

Better Video, Better Sound
Because the power in your home is subject to interference, it can pollute your picture and sound.  Monster surge protectors include Clean Power® technology to ensure components perform at peak levels. With Clean Power® Stage 2, two isolated filters optimize audio and video for a clear image and accurate sound.

Monster® Warranty
Monster surge protectors are backed by a connected equipment warranty. If any equipment properly connected and used as instructed is damaged by a power surge, Monster replaces the damaged equipment.


  • 8 AC outlets
  • 2 USB 3.4A outlets
  • FireProof MOV Power Protection keeps equipment and family safe
  • 6-foot cord
  • 2700 Joules of protection
  • Connected Equipment Warranty of $900,000
  • Powerline Ethernet Adapter included for quick, easy, reliable Internet connection
  • Monster Tri-Mode Power Protection
  • Monster Clean Power Stage 2 Noise Filtration produces better picture and sound
  • Comes with Cable/Satellite connections to protect entire AV system


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    $900,000 connected equipment warranty

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