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IRIS Notes Executive 2 Digital Pen

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The digital pen that types what you write!
IRISnotes is a digital note taker designed to turn your handwritten notes into on-screen text, fully editable and compatible with any text editor!

Capture notes & drawings
Stop losing time retyping your handwritten notes and redrawing your sketches on the computer! With the IRISnotes, you can take notes or draw sketches on any paper surface and easily turn them into editable digital text, ready to be shared or archived. Simply place the small receiver on the top of your documents and your notes will be recorded as you write!

Easy to connect, easy to use!
The IRISnotes works just like a traditional pen*. It will let you write notes or draw sketches on any paper surface. The provided Bluetooth receiver connects with the pen in no time to record the notes you take. Both the receiver and the pen can be charged using a traditional USB cable (provided). Extra ink refills for the pen are also provided.

It recognizes any handwriting!
The IRISnotes is virtually compatible with any handwriting. No matter if you write with style or not, the digital note taker will work for anyone! And just in case some words are not perfectly recognized by the application, you can always use the provided training module to improve the results

Share, edit or archive your notes easily
The IRISnotes is fully compatible with popular text editors like Word, Excel, Outlook, Pages, etc. When you are back to your computer, simply connect the USB receiver and your notes will appear on screen instantly, ready to be edited, shared or archived.

Use it as a mouse!
You can even use the IRISnotes as a mouse! Simply connect the receiver to your computer and launch the "mouse" mode. The pointer on your screen will then follow the movements you make with the pen, just like on a graphic tablet. The buttons on the side of the pen can be used as left and right click, just like a traditional mouse


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