iDC SYSTEM ZERO Follow Focus Standard Kit with Viewfinder - for Canon EOS 5D MkIII

Item# L9193079
iDC SYSTEM ZERO Follow Focus Standard Kit with Viewfinder - for Canon EOS 5D MkIII

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Standard Follow Focus Features:
The SYSTEM ZERO Standard Follow Focus Sub-Assembly requires a camera- specific Camera Plate. This lightweight and compact Follow Focus system features iDC's innovative gearless design for fast lens changes. The direct-drive follow focus wheel is machined from industrial plastic bearing material, and has a soft, high-tech O-ring for positive rubber-on-rubber operation. There are no gear rings required! The simplicity of the rugged and ultra-lightweight SYSTEM ZERO allows the user to concentrate on the capture process without being distracted by cumbersome, heavy and generic equipment. The SYSTEM ZERO "slotted" Focus Plate offers a quick and easy way to align the Focusing Wheel Assembly with the focus ring on your lens - select the slot that lines up with your focus ring, slide in the Follow Focus Wheel Assembly, gently snug it up to the focus ring with just a bit of thumb pressure, and tighten the Thumbscrew. It couldn't be easier! If any of the slots don't allow the wheel to make contact with the focus ring, the Focus Plate slides fore and aft to provide additional focusing wheel locations. The iDC SYSTEM ZERO Follow-Focus Standard Sub-Assembly kit includes one Focusing Wheel Assembly and a four slot Focusing Plate. The dovetail slots provide positioning of the Wheel Assembly for a large variety of lenses, from wide to telephoto. If you wish to use any of the 70-200mm lenses you will need the SYSTEM ZERO XL1 or XL2 kit with it's longer seven slot focus plate. All iDC Follow Focus kits provide non-obstructed access to the battery door for fast battery changes. The follow focus wheel accepts an industry standard follow focus "whip" or "crank" and the indented area running parallel to the O-Ring accepts pre-focus marks on either 1/2 inch white chart tape or an easily removed mark from a classic No. 2 graphite pencil applied directly to the wheel. SYSTEM ZERO provides tailored fitments via a dedicated, camera-specific camera plate. SYSTEM ZERO allows an easy upgrade path and can be used with a variety of manufacturer's HD-SLRs as long as a dedicated Camera Plate is purchased for each additional camera. These high quality and innovative products are designed by iDC's award-winning Hollywood filmmaker, Bruce Dorn and made in the USA.

What's Included:
• (1) SYSTEM ZERO Gearless Wheel Assembly
• (1) Thumbscrew
• (1) Hex Wrench
• (1) Flat Head Screw
• (1) Slotted Screw

Viewfinder V1 Features:
The iDC SYSTEM ZERO Viewfinder features a Hoodman HoodLoupe 3.0 which has been adapted by iDC for quick-release functionality. Our custom loupe bracket makes it fast and easy to remove the loupe in order to use the camera's pentaprism viewfinder for still photography. Due to the unique design of each camera body, iDC SYSTEM ZERO Viewfinders are camera-specific and you should always check for compatibility with your camera. Also compatible with the Canon 5D Mark II, Mark III without a Battery Grip and Nikon D800.

This item does not include a camera-specific SYSTEM ZERO Camera Plate. A SYSTEM ZERO Camera Plate is required to attach this accessory to your camera. This item is intended to be an add-on item for people who have already purchased a SYSTEM ZERO Follow Focus or a SYSTEM ZERO Camera Plate that is being used with SYSTEM ONE or SYSTEM ROD.

What's Included:
• (1) iDC SYSTEM ZERO Quick Release Viewfinder V1 (Adapted Hoodman HoodLoupe 3.0)
• (1) Neck Strap

Camera Plate for Canon 5D MK III Features:
The SYSTEM ZERO Camera Plate offers a camera-specific tailored fit for each camera body. The plate's pin registration and/or contoured shape, provide anit-twist functionality while maintaining a custom fitment. A SYSTEM ZERO Follow Focus Kit can be used with different camera bodies as long as each body has a camera-specific SYSTEM ZERO Camera Plate. SYSTEM ZERO Camera Plates are also used with SYSTEM ONE and SYSTEM ROD Camera Adapters to provide cross-platform compatibility. Please note: This camera plate is also compatible with the Zacuto Z-Finder Pro when using the Mounting Frame from Zacuto for the 5D MKIII #Z-MFS32

This SYSTEM ZERO Camera Plate (#Z-50-0106) features mounting points which accept the optional camera-specific iDC Viewfinder V1 #Z-50-0005.

iDC HDMI Cable Stabilizer Bracket
The SYSTEM ZERO Camera Plate for the Canon 5D Mark III features mount points for the optional iDC HDMI Cable Stabilizer Bracket. This adjustable Bracket attaches to compatible SYSTEM ZERO Camera Plates and secures the connection of an HDMI cable to the Mini-HDMI port on your camera, preventing your HDMI cable from being loosened or accidentally pulled out. The HDMI Cable Stabilizer also provides impact damage protection to the camera's Mini-HDMI port from regular handling. (Not intended to provide protection against dropping your camera).

What's Included:
• (1) SYSTEM ZERO Camera Plate (Camera-specific)
• (1) 1/4"-20 x 1/2" Flat Head Screw
• (2) Viewfinder Thumbscrews
• (1) Hex Wrench
Includes the following iDC SYSTEM ZERO components:
• Standard Follow Focus - Z-FFS - No Grip
• Viewfinder V1 - Z-50-0005
• Camera Plate for Canon 5D MK III - Z-50-0106
DSLR Follow Focus Kit
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