Emergency Preparedness.

Contact us at Customer Service for the latest information on your local store and for any urgent pharmacy inquiries 1-888-991-2299

During severe weather and emergency situations we may experience store closures. However our first priority is you, our customers. Please contact us at the number above to find out up to date information about your local London Drugs stores, as well as where to pick up prescriptions and / or emergency supplies.

During an emergency if a store is able to remain open we will offer:

  • Pharmacy – our pharmacists will be here to help you with your prescriptions as well as all your health needs during an emergency
  • Charging Stations – we will have charging stations available for your electronic devices
  • Supplies and emergency kits – our staff will be happy to help you find an emergency kit or help you to create your own that fits your needs
  • Batteries and Lighting, Candles – we’re here to help with emergency lighting needs from flashlights, batteries to candles
  • Water – It is always important to have an emergency supply of water at the ready

Pharmacy Emergency Closure Procedures:

If a store has to close due to an emergency situation, our pharmacists will remain on site as long as possible to ensure prescriptions are made available to our customers. If a pharmacist is unable to stay in the store we will make arrangements for prescriptions to be filled at the nearest London Drugs. It is always best to call ahead if possible to know the latest status at the store before coming in.

Online Order Processing and Delivery

We may experience delays in online order processing and delivery during an emergency situation. We will try our best to notify customers of delays and expected timelines if it is possible for us to do so. In addition, we will work closely with our shipping partner Canada Post to ensure packages are accounted for and arrive in a timely manner.

Emergency Preparedness Checklist: Click Here

Be prepared for an emergency.
Make sure to have a 72-hour emergency kit ready.
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