CoolMate Personal Nano Mist Fan - Black - HC-CMG-220B

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CoolMate Personal Nano Mist Fan - Black - HC-CMG-220B

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  • CoolMate introduces the world’s first dripless, personal misting fan suitable for use indoors
  • CoolMate’s mist creates a cool and refreshing breeze up to 10°C cooler than room temperature as it leaves the fan
  • The microscopic mist refreshes and has the advantage of quickly evaporating, leaving no puddles!
  • Indoors or in a vehicle, “spot cooling” with a CoolMate Personal Misting Fan allows you to control the direction and intesity
  • Turn your air conditioning system down (or off) and start saving money on electricity


CoolMate’s secret – the Nano-Mist Generator
All CoolMate fans feature the patented “Nano-Mist Generator” mist head system. Controlled by a microchip, it generates a refreshing, dripless mist and transforms it into a cool, soothing breeze.

Energy efficient, safe and reliable
CoolMate fans feature the industry’s most advanced 2-speed DC motors. They consume less energy and outlast all other motors in the same category – plus they’re waterproof – making them the ideal solution for powering CoolMate fans!

User-friendly mist control
Simple to operate, CoolMate Personal Misting Fans provide maximum comfort levels with refreshing mist lasting for up to 6-hours per refill on the overnight (low mist) setting.

Breeze intensity and direction control
CoolMate’s 2-speed motor allows you to adjust the breeze intensity level. The fan tilts (forward/backward) allowing for optimal breeze direction control whether placed on a desk, table top or night stand.

Save on electricity
Turn down your home, workspace or vehicle’s A/C system – or off – and start saving now. With CoolMate’s Personal Misting Fan just supplementing your A/C system you will save on electricity.

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