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Use of your personal infomation:

The information provided by you to make a purchase on London Drugs Online Store is collected by London Drugs Limited to process your online transaction. In order to protect you and London Drugs Limited from a fraudulent transaction, London Drugs Limited may provide you transaction-related information to a reputable third party organization to perform an address verification. This address verification is intended to ensure that the "Bill to" address that you have provided matches your credit card address.

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Terms and conditions of orders:

Your order will be sent for processing and final acceptance by London Drugs immediately after you have completed the online order process. All orders are subject to final verification by London Drugs for availability and price, prior to shipment. If there is any problem with your order, you will receive a notification via phone and/or email. All orders are subject to the Legal terms included on this website and shall be in accordance with the additional information set out in the FAQ section.

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