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Access and Share Your Files.
Anytime, Anywhere.
LinkStation™ and TeraStation™
Network Attached Storage
Buffalo's LinkStation and TeraStation network attached storage and personal cloud storage solutions offer secure and reliable centralized storage and backup for your home, small office, and business needs.



Your Own Personal Cloud

Buffalo's LinkStation Personal Cloud Storage solutions offer secure network storage for your PC and Mac computers, along with all of your mobile devices!

Power Packed in
Simple Network Storage

The quiet and compact TeraStation 1000 series is comprised of 2 and 4-drive models, providing powerful network storage for all users on your small business or home office network, with best-in-class performance.

Stream Media at Home or On-the-Go

Centralize your media library stream all of your favorite music, movies and shows to multiple devices simultaneously. Now you can relax and watch movies on your big screen TV while music is pumped outdoors by the pool.

Collaborate On-site or On-the-Go

With remote file access services, such as Buffalo’s Web Access and FTP/SFTP servers, you can securely access your files in the office or over the internet for easy collaboration and increased productivity.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Buffalo's free WebAccess service allows you to create a personal cloud for easy remote access and file sharing with anyone, anywhere over the Internet with no monthly fees or access limits.

Built-in Reliability
for Business Continuity

The TeraStation 1000 series offers high capacity, highly available storage accessible among multiple platforms for seamless centralized storage and backup. Create user and group profiles and control folder and file access to protect business critical content and privacy.

Simplify your everyday data needs and
stay connected to your digital life.

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