Bayer A1CNow Self Check System - DIN3026

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Bayer A1CNow Self Check System - DIN3026

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Awareness of all measures of glycemia, including self monitoring of blood glucose results and A1C, provide the best information to assess glycemic control

Regular Blood glucose testing can help lower A1C; conducting 3 self-tests per day has been associated with a 1.0% drop in A1C. Lower A1C leads to better health outcomes: a 1.0% reduction in A1C has been shown to lower the risk of microvascular complications (eye, kidney, and nerve diseases) by 40%. Only Bayer offers complete at-home diabetes managements solutions for both daily blood glucose testing and A1C results. Together, Bayer's meters and the NEW A1CNow® self-check system give you and your healthcare professional a more complete picture of your diabetes and a better guide on how to achieve your goals.
• Everyday results now mean more.
• Give more meaning to daily blood glucose results with Bayer's A1CNow® self-check system
• Simple to use
• Measures average blood glucose over 2-3 months
• Provides laboratory accurate and certified reliable A1C results
• Gives results at home in 5 minutes
• Small blood sample (5 µL)
• Requires no maintenance
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