Weider Stevia Sweet - 200g

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Weider Stevia Sweet - 200g
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Rebaudioside A
While most stevia products on the market today are isolated only for one glycoside - Steviocide - Stevia Sweet is derived from both Steviocide and Rebaudioside-A, which is a portion of the plant that provides the best tasting, highest level of sweetness, with no bitter aftertaste.

Consistently Sweet Taste
All of the stevia material used to make Stevia Sweet goes through the same highly controlled process, which allows our stevia to maintain consistently high quality and taste, batch-to-batch. So you can always be assured that you'll be getting the same deliciously sweet tasting stevia, every time.

Stevia is a plant indigenous to Paraguay, that has been used around the world for centuries as a natural sugar substitute.

• In 1931, two French food-researchers isolated the sweet components (glycosides) in the stevia leaf.
• The two glycoside components of the stevia leaf are Stevioside and Rebaudioside. The majority of stevia products on the market today are standardized for Stevioside.
• Stevia is naturally grown, contains zero-calories and is up to 300 times sweeter than sucrose (sugar).
• Stevia has been used in Japan for decades as a sweetener in many commercial beverages.
• Stevia is safe and effective to use for cooking and baking
Stevia Sweet is made from the highest grade extracts from the stevia leaf. Other lower grade stevia products can have leave a bitter aftertaste due to leftover impurities. Stevia Sweet is made with a process that separates the impurities, leaving only the sweetest part of the stevia leave and providing a consistently sweet taste.
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