Health Care for the New Millennium

In the 1990s, the Baby Boomer generation and London Drugs turned 50. Health care providers, including pharmacies, would have to face massive changes as this large group of people aged.

Like the Baby Boomers themselves, London Drugs has the revolutionary spirit of its generation. A new approach to pharmacy care would have to be taken:  better information means better care, which leads to better health.

First, every London Drugs pharmacy was remodelled to make space for pharmacists and patients to have in-depth discussions. The pharmacist no longer stood behind the counter, high on a platform looking down on the patient. Consultation desks were set up so patients could ask the necessary questions and would be afforded their privacy.

Next, London Drugs looked to new technologies to make its patients more informed.  For people who were not health care providers, it was exceedingly difficult to find clear information on health issues.  London Drugs set out to fill this need by taking careful steps.  It was imperative that customers receive only the most reliable, unbiased health information. 

Before was launched, London Drugs vetted all its information through an independent committee called Practice Solutions.  Now part of the Canadian Medical Association, this committee is comprised of health care professionals with no affiliation to drug companies.  With quality information on hand, went online in the 1990s.  The information databank has increased exponentially in the last decade, and the number of hits has likewise reached numbers unforeseen when it was first launched.

The website was the beginning of a new emphasis in health care that would define London Drugs in the new Millennium.  Under the new Better Care program, clinics are offered at every London Drugs on a variety of topics.  At different times of the year, patients can attend clinics on the flu, back health, bone health, diabetes, asthma and heart health. 

Pharmacists undergo specialized, professional training to assist patients with diabetes and anticoagulation treatment, and in every market, patient care specialists are available to provide in-depth medication reviews to patients who need help understanding what they are taking.