Start Small, Dream Big


Even in its early days, London Drugs was a different sort of drugstore.  Soon after the store opened, we discovered our next door neighbour, a camera store, was closing shop and needed to sell its stock of cameras.

In the retail world of 1940s Vancouver, shops were much more specialized than they are today. Customers would buy meat at the butcher, medicine at the pharmacy, and newspapers at a newspaper stand. Cameras were definitely not purchased in a pharmacy.

Yet the opportunity seemed good: cameras at a discount price, and customers who were used to buying them just next door. London Drugs took a risk. Finding space on the shelves of the thousand-square-foot store-roughly the size of a London Drugs camera section today-the little store stocked cameras at great prices.

Now customers had two reasons to come to the little drugstore. The risk paid off and over the last sixty years, London Drugs has developed a reputation for selling quality photographic equipment at great prices.

Selling cameras was unorthodox, perhaps shocking considering the retail landscape at the time. But this innovation was just the beginning of the London Drugs revolution. Driving this revolution was the very heart of the business: the pharmacy.


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