Attention Photographers! Prepare to be Inspired.

LDFotocon by London Drugs is bringing together expert Photographers and representatives from the top manufacturers to share their expertise, techniques and knowledge.

In addition, London Drugs’ own team of experts will take the mystery and confusion out of the latest digital camera. Let them show you how easy it is to capture images that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Other LDFotocon experts will be demonstrating how to best showcase your images through printed photographs for your album, Fine Art prints for your gallery and Canvas Gallery Wraps for decorating your home and office.

Planning a trip or a special event? Let us show you how to share your valuable images with books, calendars and cards.

Also on hand will be manufacturers showing off the latest and greatest from their roster of photo-gear.

Come and join us as we Celebrate Photography at LDFotocon by London Drugs.


Meet the experts from London Drugs and:


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Apr 16 – June 11, 2016


Brent de Waal

Brent de Waal is the Canadian Sell-Through Manager for 3D Robotics. With a passion for videography, Brent will share his insight in this exciting new field. 3DR’s UAV platforms capture breathtaking aerial imagery for consumer enjoyment and data analysis, enabling mapping, surveying, agricultural applications, search and rescue as well as ecological study.

William Jans

Join Photographer / adventurer William Jans for tips on how to get photos that don’t suck! Learn how to travel safely and how to charm your way into getting photos that no one else gets. William is a Vancouver commercial Canon photographer who also hosts live multimedia presentations about his absurd travels overseas that have been seen by over 70,000 Canadians and have been dubbed a “virtually interactive." The shows often sell out... Energetic, charismatic, intelligent and down right funny describe this compulsively watchable figure. William is willing to do things that others may shy away from and gets WOW images on the way.

John Walrath

John Walrath is Datacolor’s Imaging Training & Technical Support Manager and an accomplished photographer. He earned his BFA in Interior Architecture and in 2010 sold a successful company to pursue a career as a professional photographer. Leveraging his training in Interior Architecture and passion for photography, John became a sought after Interiors photographer for Builders, Ad Agencies and Interior Designers in Central Virginia.

Datacolor’s Color Management tools have been vital to John’s personal and professional photography for many years. Since joining the Datacolor team in 2013, he has been an educational resource for photographers and videographers who want to improve their work through Color Management.

Don Craig

Don Craig is a photographer and designer for the Province of British Columbia as well as shooting freelance and documenting life through personal photography projects. In the last 25 years, he has worked as a designer and art director at Adobe Systems, run his own design firm and lived, and sometimes worked, in California, Mexico and Germany. After the turn of the century, he landed in Victoria B.C. In all of that time, he has had the privilege of working with and learning from some truly great photographers, from whom he takes his inspiration.

In his daily life, Don carries a camera a lot, for both personal and work photography. No matter what he is capturing with a camera, he attempts to tell a story. Be it a corporate headshot, an opera performance or merely on-the-street “observational documentation,” there is a narrative hidden in the pixels or film grain. Don’s goal is to make that evident, but not necessarily obvious.

website: doncraigphoto.com
twitter: twitter.com/doncraigphoto


Robert Falconer

Whether it's crafting words or making images, it's safe to call Robert a storyteller. More specifically, he’s a multidisciplinary communications professional; a writer, content producer, and photographer. Robert began his professional career penning scripts — and pitching — for television series such as Star Trek: The Next Generation and its subsequent spinoffs. More recently, he’s applied his skills to the sectors of business, media, and journalism … over the years working with such organizations as Metro News and National Geographic Channel.

Robert is also a versatile photographer of over 20 years, having captured everything from shadows falling across the majestic lands of Africa, to the bustle of the urban metropolis; from portraits of celebrities and industry leaders, to vignettes of everyday life. Though his primary focus has been portrait, travel, and editorial work, Robert has begun to develop an emerging specialization in cinematic imagery and motion picture photography (unit stills for film and television). In a sense, this particular photographic niche brings Robert full circle, given that his early years as a screenwriter required him to write visually.

website: falconercommunications.com
facebook: facebook.com/robert.keith.falconer
twitter: twitter.com/falconer_comm


Richard Brown

Richard Brown studied Photography in a year long course at the Banff School of Fine Arts 1977 where he had the opportunity to take a hobby and grow it into a life-long journey through the visual arts. In the '70s, he had some images published in Beautiful BC magazine and in the '80s it led to work in Toronto with a large photo company. But a couple of years in the big city convinced him to head back to the west. Since then, with a short stint in Victoria, he has been living in Canmore, Alberta where he has a great life doing photography as a profession. This has involved teaching community classes, displaying his fine art photos in the local community Art Gallery (where he is the volunteer gallery director) and deriving his income from doing weddings, portraiture and commercial photography.

website: richardbrownphoto.ca
facebook: facebook.com/RichardBrownPhotography


Gord Webster

“Fuji Guy” Gord Webster was given his first Instamatic camera at the age of five. Growing up in a household where his Dad worked as the camera buyer for a large department store meant that Gord was constantly exposed to, and able to try, the “latest and greatest” photo gear. So, it only made sense for Gord to merge his passion for photography with his career.

For the past 20+ years Gord has been with Fujifilm Canada, and for over 10 years has been representing and showcasing Fuji products at public events. This allows Gord to continue to use the “latest and greatest” photo gear. Several of Gord’s images have been used by Fujifilm Canada to promote various digital cameras, and the quality they produce. Gord almost always has a camera with him, ever eager to expand his photographic catalogue. He is particularly interested in nature, landscapes and scenery, yet enjoys experimenting with other aspects of photography.

Nancy Vunic

Nancy Vunic has been immersed in the Photo industry for over 16 years. Starting her career in retail sales where her passion for photography moved her into her present role of Account Representative at Nikon Canada. As graduate of Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, photography played a large role in the process of creating and exploring urban spaces in her artwork. Nancy is excited to help you explore new ways to utilize and get the most of your Nikon system.



Russ Vanderleer

Russ Vanderleer has been active in the photo industry for over 15 years. As a Nikon Account Manager for the Canadian Prairies, photography is a career, and also a passion. With years of photo retail experience Russ is keen to share his knowledge, experience, and excitement of photography to assist and inspire others. Russ is excited to share his enthusiasm for photography and his knowledge of Nikon product to further your photography endeavors.




Kristian Bogner

Kristian Bogner is a world-class professional photographer and speaker. His photographic philosophy is about ultimate positivity, passion and taking his technical expertise in photography to new levels of personal excellence, as well as sharing his imagery and techniques with others.

Kristian is a third generation photographer. By eight years old he was assisting with photography at weddings and at 10 years old he did his first commercial aerial shoot. As Kristian continued his career, he was eager to leave film and the darkroom behind and begin shooting digital. He chose the Nikon D1X as his first digital camera and never looked back, pushing the limits of digital and using Nikon cameras exclusively throughout his career.

Kristian has received the Commercial Photographer of the Year for Canada Award three times from the Professional Photographers of Canada Association. He is also a four-time recipient of Photographer of the Year for Alberta, seven-time Photographer of the Year for Canada Finalist and winner of numerous other awards for best fashion, sports, illustrative, industrial and scenic images in Canada. He has received multiple international awards and has had an unmatched number of his images selected to be a part of the prestigious Canadian National Archives.

Kristian’s recent photographic expeditions have taken him to Dali, China, Ladakh, India, and Bangkok to capture amazing images of tribals, monks, nomads, mountainscapes, palaces, ancient cultures and more. Kristian’s professional work and love for photography have allowed him to the opportunity to shoot a diverse array of commercial work from the Olympics and extreme sports to fashion, high-end architecture, aircraft, landscape photography and the many other exciting projects that come his way.

Inspiring others to be better photographers has also become a big part of Kristian's purpose. He has been a keynote speaker for Nikon Canada at some of the largest photography events in the world.


Nick Didlik

Nick Didlick picked up a camera because of his love for the wild landscape of British Columbia, not intending to one day shoot photos that would win awards or be splashed across the front pages of the world’s biggest circulation newspapers and magazines.

His initial motivation was simply to capture images of the beautiful natural world and it soon became second nature for him to pack a Nikon along with his pitons or waders. It didn’t take long, however, before his passion for photography blossomed into a career. After starting with weekly newspapers near Vancouver, he was soon working work with big city dailies and international news wires.

He says today that he didn’t have much choice about the matter. “I love making pictures and the camera chose me. I just hung onto my camera straps and went along for the ride.”

And what a ride it was. It kicked into high gear in 1979 when, at the age of 22, Nick joined United Press Canada (the UPI affiliate in Canada). He traveled widely for the next five years, chasing global news events on assignment in North and South America as well as in Europe. In 1985 he moved to the newly formed Reuters News Pictures Service in Brussels, Belgium later transferring to London, England as Deputy Chief Photographer for the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Nick was the Reuters Journalist of the Year in 1988. It was the first time the award was given to a photojournalist. He was also nominated twice for a Pulitzer. After living out of a suitcase for nearly 10 years, running from one global hotspot to another, Nick was drawn back to British Columbia, where he joined The Vancouver Sun. In 1994 The Vancouver Sun published its first all-digital photograph using the Associated Press’s NC 2000 (a Nikon body on a Kodak Digital back produced by the Associated Press). The front-page picture, taken by Nick, showed Queen Elizabeth arriving for the XV Commonwealth Games. In 1995, he led the conversion of The Vancouver Sun and the Province newspapers to a completely digital photo operation—the first newspapers in the world to do so. Since then, Nick has been a digital photography consultant and lecturer to clients worldwide.

After setting up the photo department of the National Post, Nick became a staff photographer for the publication in their Vancouver bureau.

In 2001 he left the National Post to do contract photography and to start a digital photo consulting business specializing in digital still and video imaging. Since 2008 Nick has also done contract work for the International Olympic Committee, where his duties included managing and assisting the world’s photographers at the Beijing Games, in 2008, the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010 and the London Games in 2012.

Today Nick’s photo adventure continues from his home base in Vancouver, B.C., where, when not shooting assignments, he can often be seen rafting salmon rivers or hiking wilderness trails with a Nikon slung around his neck.

In this tour of duty so far, Nick has covered Olympics, Super Bowls, Stanley Cup Finals, Super Power Summits, Royal Tours, natural disasters, riots and other conflicts. His photography has appeared on the front pages of many of the world's major newspapers and magazines, including the International Herald Tribune, The New York Times, The Times of London, The Sydney Morning Herald, Stern, Time, Newsweek, Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone.

Ray Acevedo

Ray Acevedo, Olympus Technical Representative, has been making pictures for most of his life. Ray has worked as a photojournalist and a sports photographer and has worked in the photo industry for both retailers and manufacturers. In his 18 years at Olympus, he’s primarily involved in product education and product marketing. He enjoys the sense of discovery and seeing the excitement that results when people learn something new about photography and their Olympus cameras.



Yannick Michaud

Yannick Michaud is an accomplished commercial photographer with over 25 years experience. After completing a degree at the Dawson Institute of Photography, in Montréal, Québec, Yannick moved to Copenhagen, Denmark where he worked in some of Scandinavia’s premier studios, including The Royal Danish House, major European magazines, exclusive Danish Furniture Designers, along with various Photographing Catalogues and cosmetic giants, L’Oreal, Lancome and Givenchy.

Yannick returned to Canada in late 2003 and has worked for Olympus ever since. He is the Canadian Technical trainer. Yannick is always seen with an Olympus camera in his bag whenever he travels throughout the country. He enjoys landscape and nature photography and still works on commercial projects where he shoots portraits and products for select clients.


Johan Sorensen

Born in Sweden, Johan spent much of his childhood in Paris where he discovered his interest for photography. Moving to Canada, Johan studied photography at Humber College of Art. Since graduating, he has worked as a commercial photographer, while pursuing his own artistic work.

Johan’s work has been exhibited throughout North America and Europe and has received international acclaim. He has had numerous shows including a solo exhibition in Arles, France at La Rencountre and countless other art shows in Toronto, Canada.

Johan has won several awards including: Best Commercial Photographer of the Year (awarded by Kodak), French Photo’s Charm Category Annual Contest (published in French Photo as a cover), Best in Class for Figure Study by PPO, among many other awards.

Johan’s work has also been published in countless magazines including PHOTO SELECTION, French PHOTO and PHOTONEWS.

He has also been teaching photography at Humber College for over 18 years and is constantly mastering his craft. Johan was recently awarded the Continuing Education Teaching Excellence award from Humber College for his outstanding work.


Duane Bradley

Having seen his local Vancouver hiking spots and landmarks featured in film from a very young age, Duane always had a draw to the behind the scenes aspect of the film industry and started working towards a career in stunts at the young age of fourteen. By seventeen, Duane was working on sets, but as a stunt man, not as an exotic animal trainer. Duane has been the on¬set animal coordinator working closely with directors, DPs and camera¬ops ensuring the safety of the animals and crew while making sure the shot is made. In 2012, Duane bought a FreeFly Cinestar octocopter intrigued by the amalgamation of his remote control hobby with the possibility of shooting video from a UAV platform. Since the early days of aerial video, Duane has been active on forums, community groups and hobby groups teaching safety, build quality and basics of video to those with little to no radio-controlled experience or shooting experience. Duane has a lot of diversity in his life and a typical work week can include: selling and representing Defy products, Rhino products, being an ambassador for Panasonic, shooting aerial or gimbal video work, photography, tour managing for a few different bands, working for World Vision, overseeing the creative arts of a church, and from time to time still training an animal here or there for film. Duane is blessed to be doing his hobbies for work, but when he is not ‘working’ he can be found spending time with his wife of 10 years, his 4 children, working on his Cafe racer, making music from guitar or keys, building some sort of remote controlled vehicle, or building some kind of model for his eight-year-old son’s HO model train set.


Eric Tam

Eric launched his video production business (ARKTERICS/VUEPOINT) while he attended school for business management and marketing but his passion for video began much earlier. From creating casual short films and family videos at a young age to working with a plethora of businesses and multi-national brands today, Eric’s long-time passion has created a growing team and has established a strong brand in Toronto as the next generation of creators.




Chris Belland

Chris started his career in Photography as a Photo Electronics Manager at London Drugs. His last three years have been spent with Panasonic Canada managing several roles, including product training. He has a passion for the CE industry. Chris prides himself on staying up to date with all advancing technologies and looks forward to sharing some insight on 4K. In his leisure time Chris enjoys, photography, music and running.



Michel Karam

Michel recently joined Parrot as a Key Account Manager for the West Coast and Canada. When Michel is not flying his Bebop 2 drone, he can be found enjoying the great San Francisco food and art scene. Feel free to come by and ask him about any question you may have on Parrot’s easy to fly drones and the drone industry!


Dan Zamprogno

I Started with Pentax/Ricoh in November of 2006 after 6 years with American Standard and the previous 10 years as a Manager for London Drugs. My education includes a Marketing Sales Diploma and a BBA from the British Colombia Institute of Technology (BCIT). I first became interested in Photography when I joined London Drugs as a Student and am very excited about 360 imagery, a whole new world that revolutionizes conventional photos and videos.

Elizabeth Gadd

"Elizabeth Gadd is a 23 year old photographer based just outside of Vancouver, Canada. Having grown up in this beautiful area, she fell easily in love with exploring the surrounding forests, hills, mountains and ocean - All of which are heavily incorporated in her photography. First picking up a camera 10 years ago, she immediately was drawn into the world of creating magical photographs involving nature and landscapes, eventually leading to the whimsical combination of landscapes with human portraiture (usually self-portraits) that she's known for today. This special niche of Elizabeth's photography has been described by others as fairytale-esque, calming and full of wanderlust. To this day she enjoys travelling, creating, eating chocolate, chasing opportunities, hiking with her dog, and always looking for beauty in the world."

website: elizabethgadd.com


Kate Siobhan Mulligan

If you love travel and photography then join Kate Siobhan Mulligan as she shares her photography tips and skills as one of Canada’s top Travel and Portrait photographers. Just back from a workshop in Havana, Kate keeps no secrets as she teaches how to make great travel pictures, how to approach strangers on the street, and how she gives back to photography as Operations Manager of the group “The Giving Lens”. Published around the world and working for tourism groups around the world, join Kate and take your own travel photography to a higher level.

website: katesiobhanphotography.com


Rob Skeoch

Explore the world of Documentary Photography and the Personal Project with Canadian Photojournalist Rob Skeoch. Published in over 20 books and in magazines including Cosmopolitan, The New York Times and Sports Illustrated, Rob will go through the hardest part of the Personal Project – finding a project to work on, and then go through the process of gear selection, creating the images, editing the work, and getting it either published or in a gallery space. Rob has shot documentaries with the latest Sony systems but also shot an entire street project using a turn-of-the century wooden panorama camera. Join Rob and learn how to take your documentary projects to the next level.

website: robskeoch.com