Fatigue Science and London Drugs Partner to Deliver Readiband System to Consumer Market


The Only Scientifically Validated Sleep Analysis System Helps Physicians and Patients Effectively Diagnose and Manage Sleep Issues


VANCOUVER, British Columbia – May 31, 2010 – Fatigue Science and London Drugs today announced the availability of the ReadiBand system to the consumer market. It is the only scientifically validated sleep assessment product available, and is also endorsed by the Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Defense, and the Federal Railway Administration. The ReadiBand system delivers a practical and affordable way for doctors and patients to objectively assess sleep patterns, determine the quality and quantity of sleep, and to suggest whether or not a polysomnographic sleep disorder assessment is warranted.

The ReadiBand relies upon actigraphy to detect and characterize sleep/wake periods. Polysomnography has long been the gold standard by which sleep is assessed. However, polysomnography and a clinically validated sleep study can be impractical for many people, so actigraphy provides a highly accurate substitute. A recent study showed that the ReadiBand, coupled with our patented classification algorithms, assessed sleep virtually as well as sleep lab polysomnography, and was 93% accurate.

“With the release of the ReadiBand system in London Drugs stores, physicians and patients now have access to the same basic system which has been used successfully by the military and commercial industrial and aviation sectors to help manage and mitigate fatigue risk,” said Dr. John Caldwell, Senior Scientist at Fatigue Science. “Our system is the most complete, accurate, and operationally practical approach currently available.”

“London Drugs is excited to partner with Fatigue Science for the launch of our Sleep and Fatigue Clinics,” said John Tse, Vice President Pharmacy, London Drugs. “We have always had a commitment to provide our customers with innovative services and products. Being the first pharmacy to utilize the Readiband system has ensured that London Drugs is honouring our patients with a unique experience to assist with their health and wellness goals.

”The ReadiBand system will be available in clinics and at London Drugs stores across Canada beginning June 7th of 2010, and is comprised of a simple, five step process:

The user wears the ReadiBand for seven days. It is lightweight, waterproof and comfortable, and should be worn at all times during the assessment period.

The user returns the ReadiBand to London Drugs, and the data from the assessment period are downloaded and a sleep report is generated and printed.

A London Drugs pharmacist reviews the ReadiBand report to ensure the data are correct and discusses the results with the user where recommendations are made to obtain a more healthy and regular sleep.

The user can then discuss the ReadiBand results with their physician, who can make objectively-based recommendations, make a diagnosis, or assess if further evaluation is needed.

The results generated by the first ReadiBand assessment can be used as a benchmark if a follow-up assessment is requested. London Drugs pharmacists can see if any improvements have been made over time.

“The ReadiBand system really takes the guesswork out of sleep optimization and fatigue management for both physicians and patients,” said Dr. Jonathan Fleming, co-Director of the Sleep Program at UBC Hospital in Vancouver. “Doctors often try to identify sleep problems based on patients’ self assessment of their sleep patterns – which we know to be risky, because people are often unaware just how severe their sleep deficiency is. The ReadiBand system is affordable, comfortable to wear, and easy to incorporate into daily life. Patients and doctors can feel completely confident about the results, because they are scientifically validated and highly accurate.”


Fatigue Facts


Fatigue is a serious issue in today’s fast-paced world, impacting every aspect of life including performance on the job and mental and physical wellness. In a 2008 National Sleep Foundation study, 65% of US adults reported sleep problems at least a few nights a week and 44% reported they experienced sleep difficulties every night or almost every night. More than 30% of adults are getting less than six hours of sleep each night, which is much less than the recommended eight hours per night. Compounded over time, sleep deprivation impacts some of the most critical bodily processes, including the ability to regulate glucose and neuroendocrine control of appetite. Fatigue slows reaction time, impairs decision making, degrades sustained attention and performance, and impairs memory and judgment.


About Fatigue Science


Fatigue Science aims to create a more effective world by applying the best science and technology to optimize performance, reduce risk, and improve lives. We help people measure and manage their fatigue so they can operate at their very best during their normal activities at home and at work. Fatigue Science is committed to providing the highest standards of scientifically validated products and services. Our team of experts is world-renowned. Our executive team is committed to not only ensuring we offer the very best products and services, but that we operate with integrity and make a positive impact in the lives of our customers.

For more information, see www.FatigueScience.com.



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Posted June 2, 2010